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Lately, I haven’t had the desire to go out and party. I enjoy my nights staying in and kickin back with great company… I feel like senior year and summer I partied myself out. Even though everyone else my age is now experiencing the “college party life”, it hasn’t tempted me yet.. weird? (coming from me) I think i’m changing.. But I will still always have that party animal side ;) For now… I plan on chillin 8)

People will always talk about you…might as well give them something to talk about.
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Day 01- The Things I Terribly Miss

CHEERLEADING!- For all of high school, I was so used to going to practice everyday after school, wearing my uniform to school, cheering on the football & basketball team, and going to cheer camp over the summer. Cheer definitely had some frustrating times where I know we all wanted to get away from each other.. but then when we’d be away from each other for more than a week it would seem crazy to us. I miss my squad from Mt.Eden and from Arroyo! I wish I could have just ONE more year of it <3

DECA- Joining Deca was probably one of the best decisions i’ve made in high school. Going on our competition trips was so much fun, beside of all the D-R-A-M-A! Living in a hotel room with the girls, adventuring in IRVINE and san ramon… it was pretty much feeling like the real world because we had to fen for ourselves.. which meant, What are we doing for dinner!? & Can we clean this messy hotel room up?! Cause house keeping definitely didn’t clean! But she did line all of our cutesy professional shoes up against the wall ;)

Camping/ Vacationing- No time what so ever to leave Bay Area because of WORK -__- can’t wait for it to be over! I haven’t left the bay area in… how long?! (Besides for when I had to go to Modesto for a funeral.) I miss being flexible w/ my time management. 

-Nami Estelle Mokudai <3 She lives in Japan now but she’s still my BFF!! Love ya ;)

-Middle school…. haha those we some pretty chill years w/ good company 

-Football+Cheerleaders team dinners. That includes Zack Lanza’s impersonations of coach saenz and gillmet. Lol 

Theres a lot more, but i’m getting pretty sad of thinking of everything =X LOL! 

I’m super excited!

So, for the past couple of weeks I have been really stressed and worried about not ending up to get classes at chabot, but I finally got 2 classes…. Swimming for Fitness and Nutrition! They are both classes that I need to complete my Certificate of Achievement Program (Sports Injury Care). I still have a ton of classes that I need to get into, like Anatomy/Physiology, Health, and more PE classes. I’m REALLY looking forward to taking anatomy/physiology because I’m just really interested in the human body! 

Earlier today at work I swear I just fell in LOVE with two of my students in the swimming lessons that I teach. Their names are Mellie and Mia, they are cousins and they are soooo adorable. It’s their first time taking lessons and they love it! They always listen, unlike some other children, and they can actually kick with keeping their knees straight! :) (Don’t get me wrong, I like all of my students and they’re all great.) After classes were over, Mellie came back to me and said “I miss you”. I leaned over to give her a hug and she kissed me on my cheek. She’s just too precious! All of my other students are also nice. Their ages range from 3 to about 11 (I teach 4 different classes). I’m so glad that I get to work with these kids! I remember my swim teacher when I was a toddler :) 

I finally decided to make a tumblr! I need to figure out how to work this whole website now..